Lovisa Hagström PhD student at Chalmers University of Technology

I do research on Natural Language Processing under the supervision of Richard Johansson at the Data Science and AI division at Chalmers. I'm interested in language model controllability, interpretability and prediction provenance. In my research I investigate factual knowledge in language models and methods for adding knowledge to a model.

I'm happy to discuss my research and NLP in general so do reach out if you have anything on your mind!



The Effect of Scaling, Retrieval Augmentation and Form on the Factual Consistency of Language Models
Lovisa Hagström, Denitsa Saynova, Tobias Norlund, Moa Johansson and Richard Johansson
EMNLP (to be published)

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Natural Language Processing in Context
Lovisa Hagström
Licentiate thesis at Chalmers University of Technology


How to Adapt Pre-trained Vision-and-Language Models to a Text-only Input?
Lovisa Hagström and Richard Johansson

What do Models Learn From Training on More Than Text? Measuring Visual Commonsense Knowledge
Lovisa Hagström and Richard Johansson
ACL Student Research Workshop

Can We Use Small Models to Investigate Multimodal Fusion Methods?
Lovisa Hagström, Tobias Norlund and Richard Johansson
CLASP Conference on (Dis)embodiment


Transferring Knowledge from Vision to Language: How to Achieve it and how to Measure it?
Tobias Norlund, Lovisa Hagström and Richard Johansson
BlackboxNLP Workshop

Knowledge Distillation for Swedish NER models: A Search for Performance and Efficiency
Lovisa Hagström and Richard Johansson
Nordic Conference on Computational Linguistics (NoDaLiDa)


I supervise master's theses at Chalmers and would be happy to discuss potential thesis projects with students or organizations interested in NLP. Simply send me an email!

I also work as a teaching assistant for the courses Applied mathematical thinking, Algorithms for machine learning and inference and Applied Machine Learning at Chalmers.